Forestal Siryon Halo 29 Inch Bike Petit Tonnerre Red

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Beauty in pure shapes.
Engineered for performance.
Developed with innovation.
Redefining your enduro ride.

Siryon - where form meets function. A pure symbiosis of nature and technology, making a bike as pleasing to the eye as it is responsive to your input.


Elegant and clean lines meet next-level engineering. This is the unmistakable Forestal signature design.


Optimized to perfection.
Expertly combining high and intermediate modulus carbon fibre. Peak technology for first-class riding.


The perfect balance of lightweight, stiffness and strength (weight without motor and hardware).


Carbon Cocktail - A blend of T1000, T800 and T700 carbon fibres for extreme precision rigidity.


Monocoque form efficiently deploys off-road stresses across the frame's structure.


Head tube angle
Race-ready geometry with handling to match, for a genuinely quick ride.


Seat tube angle


BB drop


Recommended height
< 165 cm


Recommended height
165 cm - 177 cm


Recommended height
177 cm - 187 cm


Recommended height
> 187 cm

Fits every rider.
Size-specific chainstay lengths and optimal reach for a
balanced handling whatever your size.

Suspension System

Twin Levity

The simplicity and clean lines of a single pivot suspension design combined with the tuned kinematics of our Twin Levity linkage system. An innovative lightweight suspension system for a smooth, supple, fast and active ride.

Patented proprietary Twin Levity system, developed for Siryon.

Single pivot, rocker and connecting rod, with linkage-driven kinematics.

Reliably effective and efficient operation - adjustable to tailor to your ride.

Secure, direct in-mould main bearings.

Smooth floating linkage design.

Reduced component stress means Siryon will serve you long.








Ready to tame any terrain.


Twin Levity has been designed and calibrated to work in harmony with every element of Siryon. Our custom shock tune and kinematics have been tested with telemetry and proven on the track.



Developing our frames alongside our EonDrive allows us to attain a level of integration unseen before. Compact, quiet and natural. With Active Flow, technical and challenging trails become Siryon's natural habitat.


The lightest and most compact high-performance motor today.


A narrow Q-factor for a natural riding position.

250W / 60 Nm

Range and torque to maintain trail flow.


Standard chainrings and ISIS chainset.


Protection against the elements.

Built to last from the highest quality materials. EonDrive uses titanium for key components and is housed in a magnesium shell.

Without assistance, EonDrive is completely disengaged, bringing zero friction to the transmission. No noise, no drag, only resistance-free and intuitive pedalling.



The Aurora battery is a technological masterpiece. Fully integrated, lightweight and incredibly energy efficient.

360Wh 51V

Incredibly light and compact. Optimized to the maximum range.

1h 24min

Rapid charge technology brings Aurora to 80% capacity in just 84 minutes.

Up to 610Wh

Increase Cyon's battery capacity up to 610Wh by easily fitting the 250Wh Aurora range extender to the bottle cage.


Smart Dashboard

An immersive 3.2" touch-screen display boasting stunning high-definition visuals.


  • Navigation
  • Maps
  • Geolocation
  • Anti-theft
  • Battery status
  • Assist control
  • Bike notifications
  • Record
  • Synchronize
  • Statistics
  • Training
  • Heart rate
  • Power
  • Speedometer
  • Elevation
  • G-force
  • Air time
  • Updates

Through this crisp clear panel, you can keep track of information, directions and more all while on a ride.


Smart Trigger

Minimalistic and multifunctional method of controlling the most advanced cycling system on the planet. Responsive controls to provide interference-free fun for any rider.


Forestal app

A world of information at your fingertips.



  • Geolocation
  • Anti-theft
  • Activities
  • Statistics
  • Strava
  • Bike condition
  • Notifications
  • Battery data
  • Motor data
  • Biometrics
  • Settings
  • Maintenance
  • FAQs
  • Manuals
  • Warranty
  • Chat
  • News
  • Updates

Our custom coded App connects your smart device to Siryon. There you will discover a wealth of data, stats and valuable tools to help you make the most of your ride.


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