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Minoura FG542 Hybrid Roller

Minoura: What Makes the Minoura FG542 Different?The trainer market is a crowded place with almost all trainer companies focusing on power as the holy grail for improving your skills as...
£389.99 £367.99

Minoura Live Ride LR541 Trainer Black / White

Minoura: The new LR541 adopts our newest frame design that allows the rider to easily switch between a self-weighted mode to a fixed pressure mode. This smooth and quite with...
£299.99 £284.99

Minoura FG220 Hybrid Roller Black / Silver

Minoura: The little brother to the FG540. Compact, lightweight and easy to transport,the FG220 Hybrid roller is perfect for indoor training with the ability to switch between a natural feeling...
£289.99 £275.99

Minoura RS-5000 Portable Workstand

Minoura: Minoura’s RS-5000 uses a lightweight portable aluminium frame with a unique quick release folding mechanism. This permits the user to fold it down in seconds for ease of storage...
£239.99 £213.99

Minoura LR341 Trainer Red

Minoura: Single Neodymium magnetQuiet and smooth feelGenerates 472 Watt power at 40 km/h (H range)35% wider resistance range than standard mag series1.1 kgs virtual fly wheel weight7 resistance levelsQuick release...
£199.99 £191.99

Minoura DS-4200 3 Bike Upright Stand

Minoura: • For normal 2-wheel sport bicycle with standard 26-inch or 700c size wheel.• Holds the bike by supporting the front wheel in cradle.• Stand up style saves space.• Cradle...
£189.99 £170.99

Minoura W-3100 Workstand

Minoura: Minoura’s W-3100 has a tough steel construction and the strong, efficient Omega Bite clamping mechanism.  The W-3100 also benefits from a wide leg construction for superior stability. Height: 1.40...
£179.99 £161.99

Minoura Mag Ride 60R Trainer Black

Minoura: Minoura’s MagRide B60R has been updated for this season. The 7 level magnetic trainer comes with all the features you need to improve your training and fitness and easy...
£149.99 £145.99

Minoura Mag Ride 60D Trainer Black

Minoura: Minoura’s entry level magnetic trainer comes with all the features you need to improve your fitness or warm up at events. With a wide range of resistance, the MagRide...
£134.99 £131.99

Minoura Vergo Excel TF2 Bike Rack

Minoura: The all new Vergo Excel in car rack, features a number of improvements over the popular Vergo. New sleek design, with lightweight Aluminium body has extra stability and the...
£129.99 £118.99

Minoura Gamoh King Rear Carrier Rack

Minoura: The Gamoh King rear rack is beautifully finished in Japanese maple wood, with the Gamoh logo brazed on. Practical and stylish, this rack will look great on your town...
£99.99 £84.99

Minoura King Carrier Rack

Minoura: Incredibly strong and durable, these steel tubed front racks are hand built to carry substantial loads.  The King Carrier will carry up to 18kgs and is perfectly shaped to...
£99.99 £84.99

Minoura FT-1 Pro Portable Wheel Truing Stand

Minoura: FT-1 is a compact, lightweight, foldable yet sturdy wheel truing stand that can also be fixed to a workbench.  Perfect for wheel repairs or builds at home or on...
£79.99 £75.99

Minoura King Carrier Junior Rack

Minoura: Delving deep in to Minoura’s history, Gamoh racks are a tribute to the quality and craftsmanship of the long established Minoura name.Incredibly strong and durable, these steel tubed front...
£79.99 £68.99

Minoura Gamoh King Rear Rack

Minoura: The Gamoh King rear rack is a stylish and practical addition to any town bike.
£59.99 £53.99

Minoura Gamoh Porteur Front Rack

Minoura: The Gamoh Porteur front rack is a stylish and practical addition to any town bike.
£59.99 £53.99
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