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TF2 Dirt Wash Shop Display Stand

A lightweight, free standing shop merchandiser containing TF2's leading cleaning and lubricant lines. Quick and easy to assemble, the stand comes with branded frames and crown to give maximum impact...
£661.50 £595.99

TF2 Chain Lubes Merchandiser POD

Quick and easy to assemble, this new lightweight pod comes with TF2 branded frame and crown and a selection of TF2's most popular chain lubes. Buy the stock pack and...
£236.50 £212.99

TF2 & Dirt Wash Merchandiser POD

TF2's leading lubricant and cleaning lines can be displayed side-by-side with this new lightweight combo pod. Comes with dual-branded frame and crown. Stock pack includes: TF2           ...
£229.00 £206.99

TF2 Ultimate Smart Head Lubricant - Pack Of 12

Our best-selling line just got better. The evolution of our TF2 Ultimate Spray now includes an innovative SMART head with integrated straw for better penetration and less wastage.Repels dirt and...
£111.00 £99.99

TF2 Merchandiser POD - Workshop Essential Tray

TF2 essential workshop Lubes and Cleaners.Tray includes: TF2                         - TF2 Ultimate Aerosol Spray (400ml) CYC3073              - TF2 Extreme Wet (400ml) CYC3074              - TF2 Performance All Weather Lube (400ml)...
£108.00 £97.99

TF2 Combination Lube Tray Bottles - Pack Of 18

Our combination counter display tray comes loaded with a selection of our most popular chain lubricants:6x 100ml TF2 All-Weather Lube3x 75ml TF2 Dry Lube3x 75ml TF2 Wet Lube3x 100ml TF2...
£100.00 £90.99

TF2 Bike Grease With Teflon

A well looked after bike runs smoother than one that isn't. TF2 Bike Grease with Teflon from Weldtite. High performance specially formulated red grease with Teflon® Surface Protector for on and off...
£92.50 £83.99

TF2 Mixed Chain Lube - Pack Of 4

This neat little 4-Pack holds 4 x 50ml bottles of the most popular TF2 lubes, offering year-round protection to keep your gears running smoothly throughout all seasons.Pack contains: TF2 Plus...

TF2 Ceramic Lubricant - Pack Of 10

All weather lubricant with Ceramic technology to improve gear shifting performance whilst reducing metal friction to an unparalleled level for quieter, smoother gear changes
£87.50 £78.99

TF2 Bike Grease With Teflon - Pack Of 10

High performance specially formulated red grease enhanced with Teflon to repel dirt and protect parts - whatever the elements throw at it on and off the roads. The grease is...
£85.00 £76.99

TF2 Ultra Dry Chain Wax With Teflon - Pack Of 10

TF2 ultra dry wax lubricant for cycle chains working in tough exposed environments.Key Features: Tenacious penetrating action Excellent dirt propelling properties Water resistant and contains anti-corrosives Low chain noise and...
£70.00 £63.99

TF2 Lithium Grease - 3 KG

TF2 Lithium Grease Tin containing White grease formulated for two wheel applications. Made for use on headsets, wheel bearings and bottom brackets.Key Features: Excellent lubricity reducing wearing Inhibits corrosion High...
£69.25 £62.99

TF2 ABS1 Advanced Ceramic Chain Wax - Pack Of 6

ABS Ceramic Wax from TF2 Lubricants is quite simply the most advanced chain lube Weldtite have ever made. Developed specifically for the Aqua Blue Sports race team, the performance is unparalleled...
£54.00 £50.99

TF2 Ultimate Aerosol Spray With Teflon - Pack Of 12

TF2 Ultimate Spray Use on gear mechanisms, sprockets, cables and chains. Teflon™ surface protector offers low  friction and high lubricity, penetrating into the bearing surfaces of the chain and leaving behind...
£55.20 £49.99

TF2 Plus Dry Lubricant With Teflon - Pack Of 10

Teflon® Surface Protector based dry lubricant formulated for chains, derailleurs and cables.Key Features: All the benefits of TF2 in a drip feed bottle Handy convenient size Suitable for both on and...
£50.00 £45.99

TF2 Extreme Wet Lubricant - Pack Of 10

Using the correct lubricant in the right conditions will help you get the best out of your bike and help you reach your top performances easier. TF2 Extreme wet lubricant...
£49.00 £44.99

TF2 Performance All Weather Lubricant With Teflon 100 ML - Pack Of 10

All weather performance lube with Teflon surface protector no matter what the elements throws at it. When you've finished the bottle it can be refilled to use again.Key Features: Enhanced...
£48.00 £43.99

TF2 Carbon Gripper Paste - Pack Of 12

Specifically designed for use in assembling Carbon components. Reduces required tightening torque on Handlebars, Stems and Seat posts. Increases surface friction to reduce slippage and prevents seizing.
£38.40 £34.99

TF2 Bike Grease with Teflon & Grease Gun

Combination pack, including Grease Gun and Bike Grease.Bike Grease:High performance specially formulated red grease enhanced with Teflon to repel dirt and protect parts - whatever the elements throw at it...

TF2 Suspension Fluid - 500 ML

Suspension fluid should be changed roughly every 1000km – this will keep components operating as new for longer.TF2 Cycle Suspension Fuid contains anti-foam agents, which help your forks cope with...

TF2 Extreme Wet Lubricant

Extremely durable wet type lubricant for chain/gear systems. Long lasting High performance Synthetic Oils Special additives for reducing frictional losses and increasing efficiency Water wash-off resistant

TF2 Performance All Weather Lubricant With Teflon 400 ML

Performance all weather Teflon® Surface Protector based lubricant. Enhanced protection all year round. Extremely Versatile Lubricant with Multi-Purpose applications Refillable bottle. 

TF2 Carbon Gripper Paste

Designed to protect and enhance the performance of carbon components. Applying TF2 Carbon Fibre Gripper Paste to stem bolts and seat posts will eliminate noise and prevent seizing, increasing the...

TF2 Brake Fluid DOT Oil

Weldtite produces two versions of brake fluid - Mineral and Dot - and it is essential to use the correct fluid in your hydraulic brakes. Wide-necked bottle enables the syringe to fit...

TF2 Lithium Grease - 100 G

White grease formulated for two wheel applications, in a 100g jar. Excellent lubricity reducing wear Inhibits corrosion.  Exceptional water resistance. Easy application and high visibility. For use on headsets, wheel...

TF2 Suspension Care Spray

An innovative fork, shock and dropper post spray. TF2 Suspension Care is designed to protect and lubricate shock joints, stanchions and adjustment screws for consistent suspension performance. It keeps seals...
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