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Proven by the German Triathlon Federation (DTU), the Castelli Elite Speed Suit is designed for use during sprint and Olympic-distance triathlons, where speed is of the essence.

The key to its velocity is the engineered, stretch-woven fabric it’s constructed from. Rather than stitching together a lot of different fabrics with assorted qualities, the brand has tweaked a single fabric to optimise the texture and performance in different portions.

For example, the legs need to be streamlined and aerodynamic for the swim and cycle but stay put during the run. Castelli has therefore woven gripper elastic into the inside, leaving the outside smooth. A water repellent finish and a saddle liner, for on-bike-comfort, round out a lower portion created from just one piece of fabric, minimising the number of seams required.

The DTU wanted air circulation around the upper body during the bike and run segments, so polyester mesh stretch woven fabric has been added to achieve the desired qualities of wicking and breathability. Castelli has also added a quality rear zipper with elastic cord closing at the bottom, ensuring the suit won’t gape during the swim but can be vented at will.

These elements add up to make the Castelli Elite Speed Suit great to run in, fast in the wind tunnel, and the speediest suit the DTU has ever used on the swim section.

Key Features

  • Fastest suit for sprint and Olympic-distance racing
  • Engineered stretch-woven fabric for nearly seamless construction
  • Necessary seams are bonded, not stitched
  • The fastest swimming tri suit the DTU has ever tested, with water-repellent finish
  • Polyester mesh stretch woven fabric over chest, for breathability on bike and run
  • Saddle liner for on-bike comfort
  • Woven-in leg grippers
  • Rear 40cm YKK® zipper with elastic cord closure at bottom


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