Castelli Sanremo 4.1 Speed Suit Light Black

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The Castelli Sanremo 4.1 Speed Suit combines aero performance like a TT suit with the comfort, practicality and function needed for the road. The first Castelli speed suit in 2011 revolutionised how pro riders dressed, and the 4.1 continues this legacy, now with over a decade worth of racing and research behind it.

The speed suit is aero optimised for speeds between 30 – 55kmph. This is thanks to Castelli’s CFD-based seaming and wind tunnel fabric testing. The shoulders are constructed to air flows easily over them. Velocity Rev2 fabric on the front and sleeves also means air slips off the suit, while the elbow-length cut makes for an even slippier design. The two rear pockets have a slim design which aids aerodynamics but are wide enough for easy access in the depths of a race.

Comfort is also an essential factor for the Sanremo 4.1. the body fabrics will keep you drier and cooler than standard Lycra ® and 3D mesh back help dissipate any heat with ease, making this the comfiest suit for your longest and toughest race days.

The bottom of the speed suit is based around Castelli’s pro issue Free Aero Race 4 Shorts. The short section has Castelli’s signature ‘Doppio V’ construction. Unlike standard shorts that use a single seam down the front, the ‘Doppio V’ design is two seams which cradle the body keeping everything happy. Vortex dimpled fabric on the thighs brings an aero advantage while Forza fabric on the inner legs provides the perfect fit and the Progetto X2 Air Seamless seat pad will keep you comfortable for hours in the saddle.

This version of the Sanremo 4.1 uses dyed fabrics, unlike the pro issue which uses sublimated printing. This gives a richer and deeper finish, so you’ll have a pro advantage while having an even better look.

Key Features

  • Engineered for aero efficiency at 30 – 55kmph
  • CFD-based fabric placement and seam construction
  • Airflow shoulder construction and Velocity Rev2 fabric on front and sleeves
  • 3D mesh back for breathability
  • Doppio V construction front for support and comfort
  • 2 rear pockets
  • Bottoms based off Castelli Free Aero Race 4 Shorts
  • Progetto X2 Air Seamless seat pad
  • 15 ° – 35 °C / 59 °â€“ 95 °F
  • Weight: 232g (Large)

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