Challenge Paris Roubaix Pro HTU 300 TPI Tyres Tan

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Size: 700 X 27C
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Handmade Tubulars Use: Rough Road, Cobbles, Big Riders and Hard Packed Dirt Size: 28" (700c). Tyre Width: 27mm. Internal Rim Width: 13-19mm. Weight: 330g. Casing: Silk SEALED. Flat protection: Double PPS. BAR: 5-12. PSI: 75-175. Inner tube: Latex. Seta ULTRA S Casing: Silk SEALED. Flat protection: Double PPS. BAR: 5-12. Colour: Black/Cream. SC S TPI: 320. Casing: Corespun Cotton. Flat protection: Double PPS. Inner tube: Latex. PRO TPI: 300. Casing: SuperPoly. Flat Protection: Double PPS. • For Road and Cobbles use.
• Handmade tubular tyres only.
• Corespun cotton and SuperPoly options.
• 320/300tpi thread count for amazing suppleness and strength.
• 700c x 27mm only, optimised for cobble racing.


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