CLEARANCE Campagnolo Chorus Test Bike Black / Blue - Extra Large

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Campagnolo x Tifosi Chorus Test Bike - XL

The Campagnolo x Tifosi Chorus Test Bike in size XL is a super high-spec bike specially designed to showcase the parts available for sale in our store. This bike features all the top-notch components you need for a premium riding experience.

Although the wheels on this demo bike are labeled with the word "test," they are identical to brand new wheels without any labeling. These wheels were specifically made for this limited edition demo bike, of which only a few were produced primarily for display purposes. Now, for the first time, we are offering this exclusive bike for sale.

Parts List:

  • CK910CAXL - Mons Campagnolo Blue Frameset XL 2021
  • HS191N - Tifosi 1 1/8-1 1/2 45deg Headset Reserved For Bikes
  • HS24C - Tifosi Top Cap/Bung for Carbon Steerer
  • FSA005 - 1-1/8" Black Spacer W/Logo 5mm Reserved for Bikes
  • FSA010 - 1-1/8" Black Spacer W/Logo 10mm Reserved for Bikes
  • DSU120BN - Zero Stem 120mm BoB Reserved for Bikes
  • DSU044BN - Zero RHM H/B 44cm BoB Reserved for Bikes
  • VT53KN - Maxi Cork Black Reserved For Bikes
  • DSU272BN - Zero Seatpost 27.2 BoB Reserved for Bikes
  • SD911 - Model X Superflow Saddle Reserved For Bikes
  • CPB115 - Chorus 12x Rear Derailleur OE Reserved For Bikes
  • CPB213 - Chorus 12x Front Derailleur OE Reserved For Bikes
  • CPB312 - Chorus 12x U-S Ergos OE Reserved For Bikes
  • CPB911B - Chorus Dual Pivot Brakes
  • CPB5102 - Chorus 12x 11/34 OE Reserved For Bikes
  • CPB604 - Chorus 12x Chain 114L OE Reserved For Bikes
  • CPB821B - Chorus 12x U-T 172.5mm 34/50 OE Reserved For Bikes
  • CPB005C - U-T BB86 86.5 X 41 Cups OE Reserved For Bikes
  • CPW523Z - Bora WTO 33 2-Way Tubeless Carbon Prototype Test Wheels (For Use In Demo Bikes Only)
  • ITT012 - SV28 700c x 20/28c 60mm PV Reserved For Bikes
  • KB61 - Brake Ferrule 5mm Singles Reserved For Bikes
  • KB63 - Cable End Crimp 1pc Reserved For Bikes

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