EX Display Castelli Insider Jersey Fiery Red / Savile Blue - Medium

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Elevate Your Indoor Training with the Castelli Insider Jersey

Discover unrivaled cooling and breathability during your indoor training sessions with the Castelli Insider Jersey. This cutting-edge garment combines advanced moisture management, superior ventilation, and a sleek aesthetic to optimize your performance.

Key Features

  • Lightweight 3D mesh polyester fabric for exceptional moisture-wicking and quick drying
  • Perfect balance between transparency and opacity for maximum airflow and a stylish appearance
  • Full-length zipper for effortless wearing and removal
  • Two rear pockets for convenient storage of essentials
  • Versatile jersey suitable for hot weather outdoor use and indoor training

The Castelli Insider Jersey is designed to provide unparalleled cooling and breathability during your indoor training sessions. Drawing from Castelli's expertise in crafting jerseys for challenging mountain climbs, this jersey is specifically tailored to keep you cool when wind resistance is eliminated and indoor temperatures rise.

The construction of the Insider Jersey is optimized for exceptional indoor performance. The 3D mesh polyester fabric used throughout the jersey is not only incredibly lightweight but also excels at moisture-wicking and quick drying. It efficiently lifts excess moisture from your skin, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable even during the most intense workouts.

The jersey's short waist cut, low collar, and full-length zipper enhance ventilation and allow for easy on and off. The fabric strikes the perfect balance between transparency and opacity, promoting optimal airflow while maintaining a sleek and stylish look. Additionally, two rear pockets offer convenient storage for essentials such as earphones, headbands, or gels, making it an ideal choice for indoor training sessions.

Thanks to its unwavering focus on breathability, cooling, and aesthetics, the Insider Jersey is also suitable for hot outdoor weather. Whether you're tackling midsummer mountain escapes or pushing through intense sessions on your turbo trainer, this jersey is the perfect companion to keep you comfortable and performing at your best.

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