Deda Elementi Parabolica Zero Clip On Bars Black

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Size: 35 MM
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Straight bend extensions in 7003 alloy, perfect for road bike and triathlon use. Ready for 31.7mm diameter handlebar and new version suitable for 35.0 diameter.

Mechanical and electronic bar-end shifters (internal only) compatible.

31.7mm also suitable for traditional diameter 26.0 with Deda diameter reducer.

Additional Info:

* Handlebar Shape: full straight

* Material: Alloy 7003

* Diameter: 31,7mm or 35,0mm

* Extensions length: Max 310mm

* Armrest: full adjustable with pads included

* Armrest stack height: 10, 15, 30mm (included in 31.7mm version only)

* Finish: black matt anodized

* Info: Approved UCI (3:1 rule)

* Weight: 340g

PLEASE NOTE: Image can vary slightly from actual finalised product.


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