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How does it feel to never have to fix a puncture ever again? Amazing. Our revolutionary airless tires are 100% puncture-proof. Made from a multi-cell foam compound, they have no inner tube (that’s right, no inner tube). Not only do they feel like a regular tire but they are super light-weight, with low rolling-resistance, comfortable and have amazing grip in all riding conditions. A game-changer? 100%

TIRE MODEL SIZE ETRTO   Included Locking Pin Size in Milimeters         Inner Rim Width Compatibility
16.5mm 17.5mm 18.5mm 19.5mm 20.5mm 21.5mm 22.5mm 23.5mm 24.5mm
MINI VELO 16 x 1.25 32-349           21.5mm 22.5mm 23.5mm   17-20mm  
18 x 1.25 32-355                      
MINI VELO 20 x 1.25 32-406           21.5mm 22.5mm 23.5mm   17-20mm  
SEMI-SLICK 20 x 1.125 28-451   17.5mm 18.5mm             13-16mm  
SLICK 700 x 23c 23-622 16.5mm 17.5mm 18.5mm             13-15mm  
SEMI-SLICK 700 x 25c 25-622       19.5mm 20.5mm 21.5mm       16-18mm  
SEMI-SLICK 700 x 28c 28-622   17.5mm 18.5mm 19.5mm           14-16mm  
SHIELD 700 x 32c 32-622           21.5mm 22.5mm 23.5mm   18-20mm  
SHIELD 700 x 40c 40-622             22.5mm 23.5mm 24.5mm 19-21mm  
SHIELD 16 x 1.5 40-305             22.5mm 23.5mm 24.5mm 19-21mm  
SHIELD 16 x 1.5
18 x 1.5
            22.5mm 23.5mm 24.5mm 19-21mm  
SHIELD 20 x 1.5 40-406             22.5mm 23.5mm 24.5mm 19-21mm  
SHIELD 22 x 1.5 40-501             22.5mm 23.5mm 24.5mm 19-21mm  
SHIELD 24 x 1.75 44-507           21.5mm 22.5mm 23.5mm   17-20mm  
SHIELD 26 x 1 3/8 35-559   17.5mm 18.5mm             13-15mm  
SHIELD 26 x 1 3/8 35-590           21.5mm 22.5mm 23.5mm   18-20mm  
RAZOR BLADE 26 x 1.75 44-559           21.5mm 22.5mm 23.5mm   17-20mm  
The narrower the rim being used the more difficult the tire installation.
On narrow rims we recomment using the P-Tool (Installation Pliers) sold separately.
The ETRTO number on your tire will provide the most accurate tire/wheel size.

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Tannus Tyre Aither II Razor Blade

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