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A fine racing bike has one job and one job only: to aid its rider to go as fast as possible, under control and by consuming less energy. This is the design input behind the development of the Diamante SV. Extreme efficiency, reactivity and control render this frame capable of delivering incredible speed, hence the moniker SV, or Super Veloce.

Every tube in the Diamante SV’s construction has been optimized in terms of its internal structure and external form, using the most sophisticated ultra-high modulus carbon fibres available, to render the bike incredibly reactive and efficient. It is however the external form of these very tubes that have been meticulously studied to provide an overall aerodynamic advantage that benefits the rider in a versatile manner.

The fork continues this obsession for aerodynamics and speed by providing wider spacing between the tyre and wheel allowing air to filter through with less hindrance. By widening this gap, Basso has made this frame future proof by making it compatible with tyres up to 32mm wide. The fork has been designed to be vertically compliant, yet horizontally rigid. This simply means that the while there is some shock absorption within the Carbon lay-up of the fork, it’s completely rigid and reliable when you’re out of the saddle and sprinting.

The integrated head tube/top tube not only provides superior manoeuvrability but also helps front end look cleaner and adds to the aero aesthetic. This also features split spacers which provide easy adjustment which then lock into position to ensure they don’t move or shift. These spacers feature an ‘Internal Blocking System’ to stop the cables from being pinched. The aero handlebar & stem combo for the Diamante SV is especially unique. It’s integrated to the frame, yet still modular in that you can adjust the handlebar fore and aft position to your liking. Full cable integration means a clean look throughout.

Like everything else Basso does, they've taken the idea of an integrated seat post and gone above and beyond what the industry have produced so far. The 3B seatpost clamp system uses a rubber gusset surrounding the seat post which is capable of absorbing road vibrations in addition to representing one of the most elegant and effective solutions available.

Even the paintwork has been mixed and designed specifically to give the rider that edge over the competition. The 3D structure of new ceramic nano particles in the paint create a “less porous and more compact” finish that is more uniform than conventional paint, and “less prone to drag”. It is also said to be more durable than ever, even shedding water better.

If the diamond is an example of perfection, then the DIAMANTE SV warrants its name as it encompasses all of the expertise the Basso brand has accumulated in over 40 years of experience constructing fine racing bikes by hand in Italy. Made to race, made to win, made to last, made by Basso. The Diamante SV is ready to become the road bike of your dreams, ideal for riders looking for a frame offering blistering speed, impeccable head-turning looks and the very best of Italian design, usually reserved for the riders in the Pro Peloton. With seven sizes available there’s a Diamante SV designed to fit you perfectly.


* **Windshape**: Shaped to make you faster. Each and every tube in the construction of the Diamante SV has been made to reduce aerodynamic drag to a minimum, thus allowing you the rider to move forward faster and with less effort. Our aerodynamic approach seeks to develop a versatile design that takes into account the highly variable wind situations and angles that the rider may find themselves in. Aero optimized not for the wind tunnel but rather for the real world.

* **Carbon Fibre Frame Technology**: Basso was among the first to research, develop and employ carbon in its frames. By not only building with carbon but researching new methods and techniques to continually improve performance, reliability and durability the Basso frame is an advanced piece of technology that rivals anything else on the market and rides like only a Basso can. The beauty of such technology is that the fantastic ride quality that derives from such engineering is permanent, making the Basso frame perform equally after several seasons’ use as it did on the first day. Invest in Basso Composite technology, it'll pay dividends for your cycling future.

* **3B Vibration Dampening**: The advantages of the 3B clamp system are multiple. Beautiful because of its simplicity and nearly invisible form, functional thanks to its ingenious design. Not only does the triple point clamping system confer a lightweight, extremely sturdy and reliable grip but it is designed in such a way to allow for an incredible amount of vibration dampening as well. Strong and safe grip, increased comfort and sleek design from one tiny component that most overlook.

**Frame Specs**

* Sizes: XS (48)

* Compatible with Electronic & Mechanical groupsets

* Cable Integration: Fully Integrated

* Brakes: Flat Mount Disc

* Bottom Bracket: BB86 86.5 x 41

* Headset: Fully Integrated

* Tyre Clearance: Up to 32mm

* Thru Axles: 100/142mm x 12mm (125x165mm)

* Warranty: Covered under Basso's 2 Year warranty, which can be extended by an extra year on registering your purchase with Basso

* Frameset Weight: 820g

* Included: Frame, Fork, Headset, Aero Stem, Aero Handlebar

**Bike Specifications**

* Components: Shimano Ultegra Di2 12x Hydro

* Chainset: Shimano Ultegra 12x

* Disc Brakes: Shimano Ultegra Di2 Hydro

* Cassette: Shimano Ultegra 12x

* Chain: Shimano Ultegra 12x

* Saddle: Selle Italia Flite Boost Carbon SF

* Handlebar: Aero Bar

* Stem: 0 Deg

* Seatpost: Diamante SV Carbon

* Wheelset: Microtech RE38 Carbon Disc

* Tyres: Continental GP5000 700x28c

**NOTE: This bike arrives standard with 15mm stem spacer height**

**Spec may be subject to change due to availability**


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