Deda Elementi Superleggero RS Stem Black

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Size: 90 MM
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The lightest stem in production made from 7050 Aluminium, now available in the limited edition RS colorway which features a unique Duracer surface treatment. With its unique characteristics, Duracer offers the highest levels of corrosion and wear resistance of aluminium stems.

Duracer is a Ceramic surface treatment technology, which provides extreme hardness and improves the longevity of the stem. This also allows Deda to remove material from speecific zones and to save additional weight without compromising on quality and stiffness of the stem. Special titanium screws and a re-designed faceplate bring the weight down to 100g.


* Material: Alloy 7050
* Screws: Titanium
* Angle: 82deg
* Dia: 31.7mm
* Fork Steerer: 1 1/8"
* Weight: 100g (110mm)
* Includes a Deda Tool Zip Case (part number DED902)

PLEASE NOTE: Image can vary slightly from actual finalised product.


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